Change ETERNALS concept to CHAMPION PASS Riot pls!

[]( Well, let's be realistic, Riot probably won't change their decision of selling Eternals instead of giving it for free. So here are my ideas (I still think they won't listen). Since the moment we have to pay for this,_ no longer is showing our ability with the champ_. We all agree. Then Riot at least should make it as a "Champion Pass" so you unlock milestone missions and** exclusive rewards of your main**: **-Icons -Emotes -Chromas -Different animation for some back-home -Different music while the champ dances -Customized Champion mastery emote (Idk Annie mains get a little Tibbers added on their mastery emote for example) ** _**It won't show our ability, but perhaps some devotion from mains who are collectors of their champion's content. And also it would make happy some people who mains a not-popular champion that never gets a skin**_ And Riot pls, don't tell us it would require a lot of time, we don't buy that, it's a poor excuse, we players prefer to wait longer but getting quality product, rather buying expensive useless sticks that won't show anything of our ability... I don't even spam the m7 emote, so for me (and I think for a lot of people) the actual Eternal concept is just an expensive bad joke. I won't buy, I think this is the only way they change their decision. **If you want us to pay RP, then give us RP content**, **if you want to reward our ability and time spent on a champion, then give us free content**... Nothing more to add, thanks for reading guys, I hope you support this on comments _**P.S. for RIOT: create an official thread for Eternals, so you'll see how much anger is creating, you guys are literally ignoring all of us**_
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