Introducing Variants: Pajama Guardians & Solar and Lunar Eclipse Leona

Hello! Carlos here again to tell you about a few new skins that we are releasing this upcoming patch that are a little different than anything we have released so far. They are the Pajama Guardians skins and Legendary Solar and Lunar Eclipse Leona, which will ship on 8.23. Both of these sets of skins are a special kind of skin we’re calling a “Variant.” Basically, they give us more opportunities to creatively explore different theme, skin, and champion combinations, which we think is pretty awesome for our players and artists. **What are the ‘Pajama Guardians’?** Some of the Star Guardians got together and decided to have a sleepover! We’ll release a thrilling short story explaining how this all happened once they release. Variants have some similarities and differences from their counterparts, and we hope you’ll enjoy them. The Pajama Guardians bring all new models and textures as well as a new group splash. They were totally inspired by all the amazing fan art that came from players all across the world celebrating Star Guardian. We noticed there were a lot of variations from the original designs of the skins in these fan concepts, so we decided to make some variations ourselves and see what they turned out like. They will be priced at 1350 RP, but we want to reward the players who already own the original Star Guardian skins: Players who already own the original Star Guardian skin for a specific champion get a 30% discount on the corresponding Pajama Guardian variant. Likewise, if you don’t have a Star Guardian skin for one of these champions and you buy the Pajama Guardian first, you can get the Star Guardian variant at a 30% discount. We have a few more ideas for these types of skins that we’d love to create in the future, but give us your thoughts on how we can spice up your favorite skin with a unique twist. **What about the Legendary Solar and Lunar Eclipse Leonas?** We decided to make a Legendary skin for Leona themed around an eclipse. The two most visible and well-known types of eclipses are solar and lunar, and they were both interesting to explore for Leona given her lore. We started exploring both, and after exposing the concept to Leona players, they overwhelmingly agreed they wanted both. So, surprise, we made both! We then realized that the best way of releasing them was going for a similar concept to what we were already planning to do with the Pajama Guardians. The Leonas share an animation set (except for recall, which is unique for each of them) and have similar models, but they each feature a different set of VFX,a unique second form triggered by ulting, individual splashes, and additional VO lines that are unique for each form. We believe that each of these skins is a stand-alone Legendary, and we will follow the same 30% discount model for purchasing the second skin if you already own one of the variants. I really hope that you like getting two Legendaries instead of one for Leona. If this is something that you indeed like, we might explore doing something similar with future Legendaries when it makes sense. Any ideas? --- Any time we introduce new products or ways to get content, it’s really important that we get your feedback. If you have any questions or feedback please drop them in this thread for us. Thanks! **UPDATE:** Hello again everyone! After considering your feedback and talking together as a team, we have decided to make a price adjustment to the Variants. PBE is always a forum for us to respond to your feedback. This is especially important when we’re trying out new products. We put a lot of thought into the 30% discount: including running player labs, number-crunching, and looking at the effort our artists put into the skins. We still believe in the value of these skins. That said, we hear you: 30% feels bad. So we’re changing it. Both Eclipse Leonas and Pajama Guardian Variants will be discounted now at 45% if you own the other one. So, if you own one Eclipse Leona, the other will cost 1001 RP (2821 RP for both). If you own one Star/Pajama Guardian, you’ll get its counterpart for 742 RP (2092 RP for both) Again, thanks for your feedback on this one. It matters, and we appreciate it.
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