URF Death Match as first event: an URF team vs a not URF team

The first event was scheduled to be URF death match. Our team picked: Jg: Nami, Ahri (myself) Lanes: Varus, Ezreal, Vladimir Enemy Team: Jungle: Lee Sin, Nautilus Lanes: Anivia, Miss Fortune, Cho'gath The game wasn't really out of control before the first event. We were up 2 kills to 1. Then in the URF death match, our team have several of the strongest URF champions while the enemy team had a few of the weakest... well, we won the death match 15 kills to 2. That's right, with 3 lives each and no basing, 3 of us didn't even die. The game was over, and while I thought we were playing well, in hindsight I don't think the enemy team even stood a chance. Anivia, Cho'gath, Nautilus, and Miss Fortune are all going to die from ranged poke of Varus and Ezreal, while Vlad and myself can get in, burst, and get out, and Nami could keep us all healed and peel. Lee Sin was the only champion on their team that would even be able to get on us, and when he did we just all hard-focused him. We won the game in 8min 25sec in a total stomp. I'm not sure what to say here - URF deathmatch seems to give too much gold as a first event. It had never been a problem when the match typically went around 15 kills to 10-14. However the difference is huge when it's 15 kills to 2. And I understand that if you can win that big maybe you deserve a big lead, but IDK - with how unbalanced URF is it seems a little overkill. Perhaps it would be better to tone it down, only the FINAL kill counts as a true kill. The first 2 maybe grants assist gold to everyone that participated and notches an assist, but no one gets kill credit (since you just knocked down a life, not a kill). That way at worst it would be 5 kills to 0 - consistent with what any other event can earn you.

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