Prestige Aatrox + some general Aatrox problems

First the general problems: His joke VO is nonexistent. When he puts his sword on to his back during an auto attack, visually, the attack cancels, when it goes off. Weird to play against and should be looked at. (His ult wings are bugged on PBE only) Prestige Aatrox: It feels way too much like a chroma, I had a lot of trouble telling that there was any difference in his q, until I played his spotlights side by side and played each for 15-20 minutes. Feels like you took Blood Moon Aatrox and slapped some gold dust on everything. The end of his recall animation is exactly the same as his base skins recall, I'd thought it was standard for that to be unique for Epic skins (obviously this goes for Blood Moon, both normal AND prestige). Another thing, you can't turn off his banner wings in non ult form, I'm assuming this a just a bug and will probably be fixed within the next couple PBE updates, just figured I'd mention it here. (Both normal and prestige blood moon again). Still love the skin, hell I'll probably buy both of them, I just wish it was released as a golden chroma with some other chromas to go with the skin as well, doesn't feel deserving of the Prestige tier. I apologize for effectively being a broken record, as many people have said these exact same things, but I do feel like it could be made into a fantastic Prestige skin, it's just not there at the moment. P.S. I love everyone that worked towards making this happen. Been wanting a new Aatrox skin for 3 years, was pretty expectant that he'd get something soonish after his rework, was not disappointed in the slightest ^_^ {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} P.P.S. I can't reply to either discussions or other comments so unless that's fixed I'll have to edit this in response to what people say :)
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