Revert URF to ARURF again

---------- URF is so bad right now. Every single game, everyone is picking their main, or the champions that are super buffed this patch. It got to point it's literally unplayable and unenjoyable. When it was Random URF at least, you could've traded with your teammates and work things out. Now it's 12 bans in total, most of them are same champion banned, and there's like 20 more very OP champions left, unbanned. Sure you could leave this "URF" for 11 days of 10 year anniversary, but after that, give us ARURF back, I don't want to play against Zed's Master Yi's and so on, every single game. Also if you're gonna nerf **transcendence**, nerf **Elder Drakes** as well, because right now, they're the decider of who wins the game. Which is, in my opinion not fun at all. {{sticker:sg-lux-2}} ----
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