Brand buffs

Hello! As a Brand main with over a million mastery points, I beg you riot pls dont buff Brands dmg! People still ban him way too much, even tho he sucks balls(45% winrate at the time of wrinting diamond,48%plat, midlane) This change mostly aimed at his midlane waveclear i assume. Instead of direct dmg buffs, add some "This ability deals 35 extra dmg against minions" or something. I beg of you. After the buffs Brand will be banned every single game. Add this change and increase Conflagrations range by +100 and leave it be. Conflagrations range is even shorter than his AA range. If anything increase that, with the extra minion dmg, and thats it. Please, dont make ppl ban Brand every single game. {{sticker:sg-janna}}
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