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seems like the PBE server is getting infested with lots of toxicity and childish behavior, my way or i feed, my lane or i afk, you can report the person but EVERYONE must remember, PBE server is a Testing/ Bug reporting platform, it isnt a competitive platform, what you do on the server is simply test a champ/ skin/ play mode etc.. so if anyone bothers you with their flaming or toxicity or childlike behavior, do as i do, mute him, his pings, chats and emotes, and play , i rather focus on the environment of the map, champs and every little detail because i know this is a testing platform, not a competitive one, do as i do, at the end of the game, report with details and if possible timing of the offense in the game and let it go my friends{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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