[Aphelios] Crescendum underperforming at very high attack speeds

While meleeing enemies with Crescendum early in the game feels amazing (and susprising) compared to the other weapons' slow-ass attacks, I have found that later in the game the bounce speed is simply not enough when approaching or exceeding the attack speed cap. Given how many of his abilities scale with attack speed, me and a few friends tried high AS builds and runes on him, and Crescendum _noticeably_ falls off in this regard compared to other weapons. Basically, when I get ~2.5 attackspeed or higher, blasting someone's face off with Infernum feels almost the same as meleing them with Crescendum- or even better, if Crescendum's not stacked with at least 1 temporary glaive to boost its baseline damage over Infernum's. At the same time, the huge movement speed the glaives get kind of nullifies the need to actually get close to enemies to reset them faster, so from "dance as close to the Renekton as you dare, throwing a million shurikens" it becomes more like a generic Spinning Axe-like empowered single-target auto. However I can't figure out if that's an oversight (as Crescendum does seem to be the "fast AND damaging but single target and melee" weapon) or if it's intended. Cause now it practically forces the player to either buld very high AD and lowish AS for it to benefit from its high scaling and bounce reset mechanic, but regressing to "generic hurty ranged autos" in more AS-based builds. TLDR: Crescendum's unique close-range behavior becomes more "baseline ranged attack" if you prioritize building attackspeed rather than exclusively raw AD.
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