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Ok, so you're reading my posts, or possibly just other posts/sub reddit threads, eitherway that's awesome. So far our relationship has apparently evolved overtime compared to last year where you probably never read feedback. For this I'm gonna give you a thumbs up and say good work. Lets see if we can communicate abit further and try to work this out together. Onto a pressing issue: Fizz doesn't need a revert and the only people who ask for it are blinded by rose colored glasses. At first glance Fizz seemed stronger pre assassin patch, and technically that is true, but it's also a load of BS. Fizz was stronger back then because the game around him was different. Champion designs were simpler, the community's average skill level across all elo rankings was significantly lower, and there were less itemization and rune options that countered him like they do now. Early game Hourglass actives, increases in MR and tank stats in build paths that shouldn't have them, items like GA becoming standard meta pick items, and a large boost in the power department to all of the surrounding sub classes of champions. You could revert him, and true it probably will make him less frustrating to play, but none of his problems are going to be fixed. This all circles around my primary point which is Fizz just needs to go bye bye. He needs a legitimate rework, it's that simple. You can't find a proper way to tweak him because you're trying to change the mechanics around a kit that was outdated from the start and then given poorly designed mechanics. No matter what you do he's simply not going to work. You currently have him in a position that doesn't fit his own sub class, doesn't fit his character/lore, and only results in overall bad gameplay for the people playing him. His current mechanics, the minor changes on PBE, none of that is good for the game or the champion. If I had my way with it then I'd like a fullscale rework, probably on the same scale as Aatrox though preferably one that doesn't switch him to a different sub class all together. Everything about him is simply too old and bad to be kept, it'd just become a problem trying to design around it, just like it is now. I'm not saying drop everything and rush out a rework, but acknowledging the issues being brought up and working with players to create a project later down the line wouldn't exactly kill you. 2 last quick points. If you want to pretend there isn't an issue because that's what you believe, then I'll make as many posts as you want detailing every last single issue that can be brought up, in as fine detail as you want, and I'll cite every last mid laner from the challenger bracket to the professional leagues on those issues. Secondly, someone might consider this more a of rant than feedback, and to that I say it is all player feedback directed at changes on PBE and a post made by a rioter about those changes. There should be no problem at all.
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