Qiyana Feels Bad

Everything about the way it feels to play Qiyana is bad. I'm sure the high ping that comes with the PBE had a hand in it, but she feels super clunky, and as an assassin that's a very bad thing. Her default Q (without any of the elements) has a very different feeling than the three elemental versions, with an unclear range and hitbox. Her w and e feel alright, but uninspired. Overall this is just a super vanilla champion with a gimmick in picking between the three elements. Unlike Yuumi or Neeko though, the gimmick feels more like an afterthought than a core part of the champion. It doesn't feel like Qiyana was built around this concept, it feels like the concept was pasted on to the champion in order to make her more interesting. The Q for river and brush make sense thematically, with the river slowing and brush giving stealth, but what do the walls of summoner's rift have to do with executing low health enemies. On the flip side, her ultimate seems like it effects the walls, with the brush and river quite literally added as an afterthought, instead of having unique or interesting reactions it's just "oh yeah, and bushes and water explode". The ability itself is mild, but interesting. The problem is it doesn't really have anything to do with the elemental theme of the champion. Overall it seems like a theme added to a champion, instead of a champion built around a theme. As an example of champions that really feel like they were built around the theme, look at champions such as Udyr or the new Yorick. Udyr is the master of the wild, using skills and powers from animals in limited ways in order to defend those very animals, and the abilities make sense. A turtle protects, A tiger is vicious, A phoenix is magical and conjures fire, and a bear is fast and powerful. In Yorick's case, He's the gravedigger of the shadow isles. He harvests the souls of his victims, using them to fight their allies. His Q allows him to kill and harvest, His W allows him to trap his victims, and his E allows his new minions to attack more ferociously, with his Ult summoning a much more powerful spirit with its own will. Thematically, these all make sense and add to the character. Qiyana just doesn't have that depth or continuity of theme and she feels bad to play because of it.
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