New Idea that came about after "Reset of screen every time you buy something" came about.

Sometimes glitches like that give ideas that could be life changers! I wouldn't call it annoying like the other posts (eg. reset screen when making purchase), I would say its something that needs improvement. I believe that they should have an option where you can make multiple purchases at the same time, kind of like how amazon or ebay has their thing where you add to shopping kart or have a wishlist. I believe this idea would be AMAZING! I'm the kind of guy that likes to drop 100 bucks every now and then to show my support in the NA server, I believe this would be cool because it would save me from having to press Unlock then wait for a loading Kata and then press DONE. I would like to press one button when buying 5 or more skins, not 10-20 buttons with kata in between each one. I think that feature is OK when it comes to gifting only because people don't give as much as they get. I personally gift lots to my besties but I cant complain since they get a notification for each skin or champ they get so that's amazeballs ;-) Also, it know this idea wouldn't be a game changer or anything, but if the kata was kitty kata while she loads I wouldn't mind heheheh I mean who knows maybe adding different sexy champs like that would engourage some more purchases heheheh
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