Night & Dawn Poro King coming in 9.24!

WHi folks! For the **Night & Dawn** event at the end of this year, we're bringing the regal and time-honored **Poro King** back from his vacation on the shores of the fabled Ursine Lands and returning him to the Howling Abyss, where he'll lead you to glorious victory! As always, you summon the Poro King by flinging poros, snowball-style, until you've hit ten enemy champions. The King will help you push enemy towers and periodically heal you, and you can use the _To The King!_ spell to return to his side at any time. ________ To celebrate the Night and Dawn event, you now have access to two all-new Poro Snax: Dawnbringer Snax: The king will summon the blade of Dawnbringer Riven to hurl you into the heart of battle when you feed him these celestial treats. Nightbringer Snax: The king will channel the dark winds of Nightbringer Yasuo to disrupt and disorient your foes after consuming this bitter morsel. ________ We've also done some quality-of-life improvements: - Poro King now uses the same random-champion-select process as ARAM - We've made it easier to keep track of your progress toward summoning the King with new UI - All the ARAM-specific champion, item, and rune changes have been brought to Poro King And, of course, equipping certain poro icons will still change your poro followers into extra special poros! Poro King is going up on PBE now, so be sure to give it a try and let us know what you think. We'll have more news about future modes coming early next year, so stay tuned. Until then, may your poros fly true, and may the favor of the King shine down upon you! {{champion:85}} Riot Popc0rner
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