Eternal's are a Good Concept but the Execution Isn't.

Dear Riot Games. I like the idea of Champion Specific stat's that player's can show off with their Favorite Champions, that's honestly nice, good job there. I'd been wanting a more rewarding experience for player's that like to One Trick champions and do well with them, reaching Mastery 7 is, right now, the only way that you can do that. I wish there were actual rewards for it too , such as Skin's that are linked to Champion Mastery, Prestige Tokens being obtained from Mastery Points gained after Mastery 7. Extreme milestones like 250,000 Mastery Points, 500,000 Mastery Points giving Skin Shards of that same champion. Thing's like that would be nice. Eternal's are good and interesting, i like the idea but my problem with it is that it's locked behind a Paywall. I think that when it comes to showing off Skill and Mastery of the game, that it should be Free. Maybe you could get Eternal's for a specific champion by reaching 250k or 500k Mastery Points with them. That's well over 200-400 games with them, it requires a lot of work and i think a perfect reward is Eternal's. Even if you wanted to keep it so you could buy them, make the Eternals earned for free a little different from the ones that are Bought so that people know how hard that player worked to get it. Again, i like the Idea and i appreciate the thought but i think it's a wrong direction and puts a bad taste in my mouth.
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