RP famine (I'm OnLy HeRe fOr Rp)

Please riot, just stop holding off the rp give aways like it's that important in here. Im getting so many afks in my games that feeds and surrender just because they are playing to get the RP rewards. Get them out of our games, so we only get people that want to genuinely play and test features out on PBE. Especially recently with all the pets, and etarnals there is not enough RP to buy these items and test them out. like what's the point of having PBE if you're gonna price limit the items we get to test. I've gotten more active recently in testing, and it's really is an issue not being able to buy stuff and try them out. Quote of the day by this beloved sona player who went 0/10 and ff'ed the first chance, then when we didn't ff. Just left the game :) so much fun https://i.imgur.com/forxddB.png[]
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