Arurf Balance

Here i'm gonna list some idea/opinion about arurf and how it could be improve. 1- In arurf people tend to go all top at the start of the game even if their comp have no chance to win a lvl 1 fight and fighting a powerspike lvl 2 in urf as a mid in 1v1 after he kill 3 minion is literally insane so i cant imagine what it is to fight 2 lvl 2 with 2 lvl 1. Xp should be enable when the first minion exit the base or pass the inib tower. This is literally mass inting and the consequence of it will probably go in a lane were people have nothing to do with it… At 30 sec in a game this is just toxic anti fun and should be fix… If people get gold at least cut the xp 2- I think the last change on transcendance with the skrink of ap per cd is literally overkill it way too much i havent tested it yet on ad but in the last urf with essence death dance and the 10% from the rune i had 48 ad bonus 60 with a blue in late game stack up with a dragon it made the snowballing a bit crazy. It was way more of an issue with ad than ap and i feel like the focus as been put at the wrong place. AS a tristana in the last arurf or even twitch with 3 drake full build and a blue i was arround 1200 ad with 100% crit and a hail of blade that gave me 8.0 attack speed ish... This is literally 3 crit of 2.5k + in less than 0.50. some character like twitch or mf could go to 8.5 with 3k crit on each single hit. Rengar with the same build had 1652 ad lat game. 3- The map should be randomise between the old 3v3 map the summoner rift and the nexus blitz map. that would probably also stop people from picking specifique champion due to them being broken what broken somewhere might be way less op or reliable compare to another choice from map to map. That would force player to play what they like or are sure they can do fine instead of choosing something just because it is op. 4- This is just a statement i dunno why we had new item in nexus blitz but you guys are not doing it for any other gamemode it could be so much fun and refreshing 5- Snowball summoner spell? (:
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