[TFT] Now is the time to apply consistent language to the game(mode)

As many of us are aware of LoL uses quite confusing and inconsistent language, I fear that TFT is heading in the same direction but now would be a good time to change that and make TFT a leading game(mode) with regards to clarity. This is good for players (both beginners and veterans) and the balance team. I propose that the following words should be used, but the most important thing is: **always have the same word have the same meaning** * **Ultimate** - for the ability that is used when the unit reaches full mana * **Basic attack** - for the ability that the unit uses while not on full mana * **Hit** - for anything that applies on-hit effects * **On-hit effect** - for anything that is applied by hits * **Strike** - for anything that does damage but does not apply on-hit effects * **Critical Hit/Strike** - for anything that multiplies damage * **Splash damage Hit/Strike** - for anything that deals damage to other targets around the first target Whit this in place Gunslingers could **strike** additional targets and Static Shiv could trigger on 3 **hits**, Ruunans Hurricane would hit the secondary target and Titanic Hydra could be clearer wether if it **splash damage** **hits** or **strikes**. By having consistent language and by bolding or in other ways highlighting key words we gain so much clarity, this is the important message (As stated before: the specific words you chose are not that important).
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