The new mastery trees are underwhelming for support players

The "Cunning" tree is the closest to the old Utility tree, yet the options offered there present essentially a one-track build path for the support player. Support tier 1 - Move speed or increased last hit damage? Easy one: move speed. Tier 1 main talent? Increased buff duration or biscuits? Again, easy: biscuits Tier 2 - execution damage or mana regen? Easy choice: mana regen Tier 2 main talent? Bandit or Dangerous game? Slightly harder, because dangerous game can provide sustain in bot lane, but still likely to be Bandit for the gold gen Tier 3 - Armor and Magic penetration vs CDR? Super easy: CDR Tier 3 main talent? Burst damage move speed, 3rd hit attack aoe or actual support talent? Super easy: support talent. There's some room in the tier 3 ultimates to make the choices more appealing to supports, particularly by including a movement speed buff. The 3rd hit mechanic talent, Thunderlord's Decree is totally out of place in this row. Support champions aren't going to be building a lot of "bonus AD" or AP, so having the talent linked to these stats hardly makes sense.
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