ARURF (Things That Need Changed) - Feedback

Alright so there is a issue with ARURF I wish to speak about. 1. Turrets, the turrets are so weak that you can blink & they will fall. My suggestion is since it is URF make turrets URFY as well. Make them shoot their tickle beams extremely fast with tons of damage. 2. Cannon, the cannon is fun but it isn't a good idea the game is extremely snowbally and the range is huge as well. Also the spam cannonball noises are a little annoying. Bring back snowballs or let us use teleport. 3. Disable certain champions specifically Ezreal, Teemo, Xin, Morgana & Zoe. They dont have counterplay in most situations. (Ezreal can perma flash/ult constantly) Teemo can perma blind, Xin can pretty much anti range all the time, Morgana perma bind, zoe perma sleep. 4. Reduce the death timers. 15-20 minutes in and the death timers are almost 40 seconds long which with the insane damage, the paper made turrets u can legit win a game within that time. 5. Increase the damage for jungle monsters/baron/dragon they are in the same boat as turrets u look at them and they die. 6. Get rid of the all random part of URF. People enjoy picking things they want to play. If they wanted all random they'd play howling abyss. Anyways these are just my thoughts on everything.
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