Rageblade not stacking off non-champs feels pretty bad

today's edition would be perfect if it wasn't a massive gold sink into a bunch of stats you dont get unless you're actively in combat w/ champs - has synergy with other items without being too strong on its own (synergy with actual fighter items like sterak's now, big plus) and feels like it scales significantly enough to prevent absurd falloff a huge majority of champs who would or do buy this item are champs who want to splitpush and duel and take objectives. With current rageblade you hardly get anything for taking towers faster, fighting Baron, or pushing your wave. this turns it from a really solid item to something hardly anyone would want. I understand why it's like this (not wanting someone who's AFKing down a side lane to molly whop any contender with a stat advantage/huge onhit steroid right off the bat) but I think there could be some sort of workaround like having a shorter timer for non-champs, or stacking separately, etc.
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