How to Give PBE Feedback: Skins Edition

Hey all! I’m back to share some best practices for PBE feedback when it comes to skins, in hopes of shaping the community feedback to help us better understand the changes you’d like to see, but to also give y’all guidelines so you aren’t shooting in the dark and suggesting changes that aren’t feasible to begin with. **CONVEYING FEEDBACK** I’m going to start by saying that it’s okay to not like things! I’m not the biggest fan of every single skin we make, and that’s okay! Being able to give constructive feedback is an important part of development, and that includes PBE. The key to that last part is, the feedback is constructive. Saying something sucks only provides the notion that you dislike a portion of the skin -- but which portion is that? Sure, we could guess, but it’s likely we’d change the wrong part and mess up something you *did* like. Instead, try something like this: “I don’t like this skin because ____.” It’s clear, it gives us a reason, and helps pinpoint what you aren’t a fan of. ** Bad:** This skin sucks, Riot, cancel it. **Good:** I really dislike how Nami’s bubble is so opaque in this skin, it feels like it’s pay to lose because it’s more obvious. :\ **TL;DR** Tell us what you like or dislike, but be sure to include the *why*. --- **SCOPE OF CHANGES** Once content is on PBE, we have limitations of what can and cannot be changed due to scope, or time it takes to make these changes. The following are some general changes that are or are not feasible during the PBE cycle. **Stuff We're Able to Modify**: * Small model tweaks (i.e. adjusting to minimize clipping -- can also be done through animation, depending!). * Small texture color changes (i.e. making a color brighter or darker, modifying hair color). * Small sound tweaks (i.e. if something is too loud, sounds too metallic). * VFX changes, especially when gameplay impacting/there are gameplay concerns. (i.e. an ability reads like another champion’s). **Stuff We Aren't Able to Modify** * Adding new animations (i.e. homeguard). * Large scope model changes (i.e. giving a champion a different hairstyle). * Large scope texture changes (i.e. design pivots, a different outfit). * Large scope audio changes ( i.e. adding/removing voice processing, adding new VO). * Large scope VFX changes (i.e. changing the color of the entire kit). -- Riot KateyKhaos {{champion:267}}
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