AR URF forever?

URF is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable gamemode to date, and one of the most popular, but when it becomes an RNG based mode where champions are randomly selected for you it becomes just a bit more unbalanced and a lot more frustrating. URF in general is already unbalanced already, considering some champions like Evelynn, Hecarim, etc but the old champion select system for URF which was draft mode allowed for bans and such. Not only did this allow us to ban out the most broken of champions or just annoying ones, we were allowed to choose champions we wanted to play. In all random modes, like ARAM, a lot of people dodge champ select just because they don't get the champ they want, or they have no rerolls. Of course in regular matches people do leave champ select but I wouldn't say it is as often as in ARAM, and on AR URF. Just like in ARAM, a match can solely be decided by the team composition of each side, the same can be said for URF and even more so. One team could have Evelynn, Hecarim, Yi, and other OP champions in URF while the other team may have champions that are only subpar; I say this is more unfair in URF because in ARAM you don't have the 80% CDR that can practically multiply your damage, sustain or tankiness. With the 10 ban system coming up in the future, will URF ever be draft mode? or stay as All Random?
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