URF - Queue idea.

So basically, why not split every URF event into 2 queues (like in the teemoing - normal and lv 100 gauntlet) ? One queue being "Pick your champ + 10 bans" and second one being "You get a random champ, you get a random champ, everyone gets a random champ!!". With this addition all of the sudden both groups would be satisfied. With evenly split community long queue times wouldn't be the case and since > ARURF has proven to be more popular than base URF + has a better champ spread even with 5X/4X split queue times for both queues would be bearable. You are tired of getting crap champs ? Get into "Pick your champ" queue. You are tired of {{champion:238}}{{champion:35}}{{champion:55}}{{champion:107}}{{champion:105}} every game ? Get into "All Random" queue. It's a win-win scenario and people whom choose "Pick your champ" queue would know that they can encounter {{champion:238}}s over and over again so complains wouldn't be a thing. In the end one tricks are happy, players loving URF-meta champs are happy, players who want variety in their games are happy, **everyone is happy**.
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