Arurf update

Current state of arurf feel not as amazing as beford. Beford we had access to lot of broken alternative mastery and rune wise like lethal tempo transcendance and revitalise. Sadly if one is not dirrectly nerf, one is affected by an healing embargo. Issue is beford we had several nice option even for adc. You turn your adc into an assasin with hail of blade of you go super carry with lethal tempo while the ap build of some of those adc become possible to play in urf. This was beford atm it feel more like we have to take what not shitty instead of having 3-4 very broken option. And even if most ap dont have that versatility they are more secure to play. I think no rune should be block or nerf that bad More item should be implant into the game mode The cannon should be remove and just put back tp that way it gonna fix the exaust issue and the power scalling issue. People obviously preffer a game time of 20-30 And their also the thing where riot forget that chaos is fun in this kind of gamemode too much _**balance**_ literally BREAK THE MAGIC Just for one exemple in the old rune system i was using 70 ap lvl 18 and 6% spell vamp in my rune Mastery at that point in the time should give me arround 10-20 flat number and a % i think.. It was a lot more than what i was getting from transcendance and gathering storm at 30 minute. This is why i dont see the point on the current nerf alacrity is a damn 32% aspd buff for adc here

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