Traditional Karma/Trundle

Hello everyone, I recently bought a few Mystery Skin boxes on PBE and got Traditional Karma. And i was rather shocked. I know that Riot is currently releasing many of those ultra rare, ultra proud to own as an original type of skins(like pax sivir or championship riven) but the people who earned them(bought them) got something to show that they owend the "real" one. If I remember correctly even the Legacy Skin owner became something back in approx. 2013-5 when they were all available again. The people who owned Karma before her rework(and me, on my EUWaccount, is one of them) should also get something for this. Karma was at that time the least played champion not even Galio or Yorick were that unknown(even tho she was great fun^^) and i think it is only fair to give those people something like a loadingscreenboarder or a special Summonericon, whatever. I know it is quite sassy to desire something for a free skin(except the IP cost for karma or trundle) but most of us who play since then bought at least one skin (i even bought pulsefire ez and spiritguard udyr) or supported league of legends somehow else(was at the final in berlin KOO Tigers v SKT1). I, as a collector and not competitive player, would really appreciate something like this. On the other hand a solution would be to remove those 2 skins from the mystery skin chests. Thank you for reading and have a nice day.
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