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I was waiting for Riot to create a feedback thread for the new Eternals system but I don't think is coming, so here are my thoughts and feedback on the topic. * ** You’ve been [hyping this up]( since January calling it “_**a new way to showcase accomplishments and skills in League**_” and now I can say that I am extremely disappointed with what you have came up with. You say that your goals with Eternals are: * **Reward players with unique perks for their success** First, calling it a “reward” is a stretch because you are **making people pay for it**. If I don’t pay for it (or don’t have the money to do it) then the whole system is **irrelevant **for me. * **Provide players a way to show off their achievements in and out of game** * **Give players a new progression system beyond Mastery and Ranked** An achievement system should **_only _**be based on **my skill **at the game (you already have ranked for this) or **how good I am with certain champions** (this is what the mastery system is for). An achievement system whose first “achievement” is **whether the player has enough money to pay for it **is flawed and it does not make sense. Moreover,** we don’t need a new progression system**. You could have easily incorporated Eternals in the Mastery system. The only reason you are differentiating both is because the Mastery system has been out for almost 4 years and it is too late now to try to monetize it without too much backlash. [_"We took a look at how other games have tackled similar systems to see what felt good and what could use some improvement. Existing systems like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s loot boxes for StatTrak weapons and Dota 2’s subscription model for Hero Relics showed us that rarity was a core component for these types of systems. As a result of what we were seeing, we initially designed an early version of Eternals with a loot-based system, but it felt overly complicated and too punishing to be a satisfying approach for League. As a result, we went back to the basics: We’d package sets of three Eternals for players to get with RP." _]( I can tell that your intention from the beginning was to try to get money off the system and guess what? That makes your current system as complicated and punishing as the ones you tried to “avoid”. It’s **punishing** in the sense that **I must pay for it** and **complicated **in the sense that I must **pay everytime I want to do i**t with a new champion. **The rarity and the sense of pride and accomplishment come from how challenging something is to achieve not from how much money do I have to spend to get it** (we already have Prestige Editions for that which should be called Luxury Editions instead tbh). Having said that, Eternals should be more like the **Xbox Achievements** and **PlayStation Trophies systems** (good examples on how to show off achievements outside of the game) or **Overwatch in general** (good example on how to show off achievements in game): * Overwatch gives you the** cute and pixel sprays** (that you can use in game to show off) for completing certain character achievements **for free** (which will also give you Xbox achievements or PS trophies that you can show off in your profile outside the game). * Oh, and of course. The **golden weapons** for the people that want to show off that they are mains of a certain character. This is also **free** and the only way of getting them is **playing **a lot (which is **challenging but not punishing**). This is something that **the game needs and it has potential** and I know Rioters probably worked very hard on this (even if it doesn't look like that), but the way you are approaching it is pretty **insulting as a player and a customer**. You know what’s the saddest part about all of this? That you will probably ignore all the feedback about the topic and will do nothing about it (just like with Gun Goddess Miss Fortune, Dunkmaster Ivern and Lancer Blitzcrank's walking animation). * ** **But in case you miraculously read this, here’s some feedback:** * **It should be free**. Something based on skill should never be behind a paywall. We already have Event Passes and their respective missions for that. And yeah, I get it. You are a company and you need to make money, but you are doing it **at the expense of the player’s experience**. My champion pool is not something static and it changes through the year, I have 31 champions with either Mastery 6 or 7, so having to **pay 850 RP for each champion is too much**. * **It should be tied to the already existing Mastery system** (or at least in a closer way). As I said before, we don’t need new progression system. **What about improving the one that we already have?** Want to charge RP for the Eternals? Well, then at least give **players who have Mastery 7 or a certain amount of Mastery points with a champion a discount when buying the Eternals for that same champion. ** * **Stop giving us emotes as rewards**. They are as lame as it gets. **Icons, homeguard animations (like the [IDAHOTB ]( one), chromas are better and more desirable ways to show off your accomplishments and skill**. Before you say, “_omg, but there are 145 champions in the game, we don’t have the resources for that_”. Well, if you are going to charge RP for it, I am pretty sure you will have enough resources and the technology to do it. Also, [you didn’t have any problem in making 48 chromas (although only 24 shipped to the live servers) for ONE SKIN in the SAME PATCH]( and since you have been working for at least 6 months on this, you have had enough time to make a chroma for each champion or something like that. You just didn't care enough. * In that sense,** it needs more personalization. ** The so-called "rewards" lose their sense of rarity and accomplishment if everyone has the [same animation]( I want something of/for **my main**, not an emote that **anyone can have**. Heck, even something more general like a **homeguard animation for the different classes of Eternals** would have been better. * ** Thank you for reading.
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