Bare Runes Page

Can we have a bare runes presentation? Like, the old masteries, where you can see the 3 trees with all 54 (18/18/18) masteries and pick/move the selected 30 ones. Not hided inside an icon Like this: Without this left side bar icons: In champ selection those side bars are a "waste" of time, especially since we still testing them with just a few pages and the preset ones you can't modify. Clicking "edit", selecting the page, click the keystone icon, then select the actual keystone, and the same for the runes (click the rune icon and then select the wanted rune). Or at least leave the side bar, but that in champ selection when you click "edit", it automatically shows/open the selected and not selected runes & keystones, like the image attached. So it should be more easy and faster to set them. Thanks! P.S.: My english is not very good, so i hope you get the idea {{summoner:3}}
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