Thoughts on the HUD Change PART 2

First of all, I would like to thank Riot for listening to the community. This is like the 4th or 5th version of the new HUD and we have come a long way. Thank you for moving the ping/fps back to the top right corner and making the ally portraits a bit bigger. Basic champ stats now show up automatically too. After putting it up live, a lot of people are bashing on the changes. They did have some good points (ex: having the numbers shown in green for stats that are "buffed" in champ stats) However, I feel like most of it has to do with them not being used to the changes. After numerous games on PBE, I am okay with the position the information is displayed. (I was not okay with fps/ping being on the mini map but Riot changed it back <33) So I think overtime people will learn to accept and like the new HUD. Nonetheless, the recent change in the last patch to the HUD needs to be addressed. I understand that Riot wants to bold the texts because people complained about the characters being too small. However, now a lot of the text of my allies' champ stats or buff icons are just** black blocks f**or me now. (I did scale down HUD size to 74 because personally I think the abilities bar took up too much space on the map, but even at 100 it's hardly recognizable) The bolded texts look good on yourself (ability bar attracting more attention) but the texts everywhere else is just too small and mush together. So maybe you can keep the bolded texts the way they are for the info for the player him/herself but the texts for other allies need to be fixed. (either unbold them or make the entire ally box bigger) Lastly, I still feel the texts in the scoreboard could be bigger. I miss being able to see the summoner names at first glance instead of having to hover my mouse over them and still having difficulty making out what the names are.
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