Preseason Healthbar Update, Cycle 2

Preseason Healthbar Update
Hey folks, as part of preseason, we’re updating League’s healthbars and I want to give you some conte- Wait! You don’t have to relearn anything and you’re getting some new toys. Y Tho? The purpose of the health bar is to give players the information they need to make tactica
Salutations again, Summoners! As you may have seen **[in this post](**, we're updating the health bars, and adding several new features! In the previous PBE cycle, we got a ton of feedback from everyone (both positive and constructive- thank you!). This allowed us to polish the health bars, responding to feedback from all over. With your help, we also found and crushed a few gameplay impacting issues- we still have a few, but let's smash them all! New Health Bars will soak on PBE for a bit, allowing us to continue improving them over the next two PBE cycles. ---- **Notable Known Issues: ** * ~~All Health Bars currently draw over the Minimap~~ (Should be fixed now!) * ~~Shreds have _some_ broken functionality~~ * ~~Several issues relating to resolution changes mid-game~~ Might still be a few of these, please let us know! Include your resolution size, please. * Kled/Skaarl's health bars ~~aren't properly colored, and~~ aren't showing Health Bar animations properly * ~~Secondary Ability Resources (AKA SARs), like Annie's P, Graves' Bullets, Corki Rockets, etc. are being worked on.~~ (We're continuing to iterate on these!) ---- We will be checking this thread often over the next two PBE cycles, so please post any bugs you find into this thread so we can make sure they're good prior to launch! Thank you very much, and I hope you continue to have a nice day. o/
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