Remove smite as a summoner option for URF?

Just seeing if this could be a viable option to stop people from jungling in URF games. A jungler often means someone is left to lane 1v2, which is annoying for the solo laner to play against as they can't push the lane, resulting in their own tower being lost, and the jungler usually justs ends up farming and might not even come out ahead enough to have a big impact. The accepted 'meta' for URF is 2 top and bot and one mid, so not enough people jungle for it to be played by both teams in a game, so the 1v2 lane is very likely if someone on your team decides to jungle. I'd understand if the jungler can enter fights later on with a big lead they have built on with their farm, but that hasn't been the case for the junglers I've had in my games.
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