Taliyah Q changes?

I understand the goal is to take Taliyah out of the jungle because she's simply too strong of a pick there. But without AOE on her Q, and with reduced damage to _everything_ on subsequent hits, I'm really not sure where she's supposed to go anymore? A full 5 hits on Q can't even kill a caster minion at rank 1. The worked ground cd, skill cd, and mana reduction are nice, but the ability seems virtually useless for wave clear now, and E-W is way too high cost/high cooldown to use for wave clear. As it is on live, she's already not a very strong pick mid and can get shoved in pretty easily by most mid laners, which really doesn't work well for a champion with such a strong roaming identity. The current nerfs on pbe I fear will just remove her from the game entirely.

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