Rengar Rework Thoughts

Hello Folks, Since I didn't see a post that encapsulates this, lets chat about the Rengar Rework Revert {{champion:107}} When the announced they were going to revert some of his rework, my first thought was, "Well hopefully they won't leave him overtuned." However, in spite of my firmest hopes and dreams, this does not appear to be the case. In the twenty or so games I have seen him in, he has been a carrying monster in every single one, as long as he gets a single kill before 15 minutes. I cannot overstate my extreme dissatisfaction at being a 3/0/2 Midlaner with Zhonyas and being able to be one shot by a 0/2/1 Rengar with literally no way to stop the damage. My understanding is there is supposed to be some counter play to his kit. But, as far as I can tell, the only counter play appears to be to have a team that can fully deny him every kill and most of his jungle, because it appears that one item in, he becomes a one shotting machine. Now that I am done ranting a bit.... What has been your actual experience with the reverted kitty{{champion:107}} ? Is this REALLY a good change for league? My gut is telling me that he is a big way. But, what has been the actual consensus of the community, and is there a reason that this revert is needed? Unless Riot has something up there sleeves that we are unaware of, all I can see this doing is making the Kitty an absolutely essential ban in every single draft match.
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