New Dark Harvest Suggestion

I was wondering if it would be possible to make dark harvest also usable for healers and shielders. It would be really nice for enchantresses to be able to use the Domination tree as we only have 1 keystone. Most of the time we are pretty much only able to take Aery. I was thinking that the value that would have been damage could also just be added on the next heal or shield you do. So in theory it would be similar to Aery where you can still damage and use it on allies. So lets say for example the Dark Harvest value is like 50 damage (increasing with souls) so the next Janna E- Eye of the storm will have 50 shield value added to it. I know what you are thinking, what if they stack the dark harvest so much that the next shield has an extra value for 200? That's so op! It may sound that way but you have to remember that there is a cooldown on dark harvest now, so it isn't that often. It forces the enchantress to use the keystone in a smart way otherwise it will be wasted. Plus it means that those passive lanes you have against/with Soraka or Janna will be more aggressive as they need to attack the enemy to stack the keystone. I feel like this could work with tweaking! Pleaseee give us another meaningful keystone. Right now there is NO keystone in Precision and Domination that enchantresses can take.

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