Impossible to play Zoe

Honestly been waiting for 2 days. It's only in draft too so only 1 person can have her as you have 9 other people wanting to play her. You guys could have at least made it blind so that there could be 2 Zoe'es in game and not 1. So to get to play Zoe you need to literally be 1st pick and even when you get 1st pick there are, like i said, 9 other people waiting to play her and then before you know it dodge. Then you finally get 1st pick and you got mid! wait for it....*dodge*. After this happens just press the little "x" located at the top right of the client and try again in around the small time frame of 3 months. Then you think wait I can just practice tool and get good and landing things and perfecting combos. Oh whats this practice tool disabled whelp you know what to do. "x" All in all, please find a better way to test out champs and play them in games even if you have to blind it so I can copy pasta "Zoe" into the search bar and instalock and say "fill" in chat ill be happy. I just wanna practice!
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