The PBE testing is not ideal

I am writing this because I just tried to test the new champion Neeko in PBE right now. Without exaggerating I was in character select 9 times and out of 9 times i got to pick Neeko twice and all 9 times it ended in someone dodging (at this point i decided to end it and go to sleep after posting this). The problem is that if someone doesn't get her they instantly dodge. This is no way to test anything. I been trying to test this champion for the last 3 days and i was not able to do so because 1) someone picks her (which is fair enough i mean he got it first so i dont dodge and test something else like new skins) or 2) I get her and someone dodges because they did not. This is not right and no way to play a PBE server. This server is for testing new things to make sure the release into live is as smooth as possible. But instead I spend majority of the time in queue and champ select. People who dodge often should have their PBE rights revoked.
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