PBE is the toxiciest server i have ever played on

( The feature is : **PBE server** , the feedback is : **being overwhelmed by toxicity** ) I have been playing League of Legends since 2013 , and many online video games before > Never In all my life , i have seen as much toxicity as the the games i played on PBE I don't understand how this could happen ... Was the honor cap way too low ? Why are the toxic players always speaking portuguese ? Why do players feel the need to spaam **mid** or **stfu** ? Why is it acceptable to act toxic because **" it's PBE "** ? Why none of my reports became useful ? > I came in the PBE to help Not to be shit on by players who **can do whatever they want** Because anything they do on PBE will have zero consequences on their live account I'm sorry but that's too depressing ... *(posted here because the other boards we removed for clarity, it's the only place there is now)*
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