Akali changes

First of all, i get that the idea of these nerfs are to make her less safe, but the R changes are a little overkill, first of all, the R2 speed makes her FEEL awful, plus being slower than malphite ult means it is not only flashable, but dashable by even an aatrox E, in short, is awful and turns a 'perfect execution' into a perfect suicide R1 has the problem that people use it when ganked and makes her safe, making it a point and click solves it, but also guts her, i suggest making her able to target anything (like senna), so if an akali pushes the wave too much without vision, she can't R away since she wont have any minions to dash to. Another alternative is to keep it as a skillshot but reduce the range when not facing enemy champions (like camille's E). Imo the W changes can stay, but in short the R changes need serious adjustments
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