Hextech Results (50 Chests)

**Hello, i just finished with 50 Hextech Chests and this is my "loot"** **Champions Loot:** -Draven -Gragas -Jax -Katarina -Leblanc -Malphite (x2) -Maokai -Miss Fortune -Nocturne -Olaf -Sejuani -Shen -Singed -Tristana -Trundle -Veigar -Xerath -Zyra Total = **19 Champions** **Skins Loot: (Now here i'm going to put in "Tiers" with the prize)** **520 RP** -Almost-Prom King Amumu -Buccaneer Tristana -Dryad Soraka -Hextech Singed -Imperial Xin Zhao -King Tryndamere **750 RP** -Constable Trundle -Explorer Ezreal -Goalkeeper Maokai -Mad Scientist Singed -Pentakill Karthus -SKT T1 Jax -Warden Sivir **975 RP** -Bloodstone Lissandra -Death Blossom Elise -Headhunter Nidalee -Ionia Master Yi -Jurassic Cho'Gath -Night Hunter Rengar -Sinful Succulence Morgana -Slay Belle Katarina **1350 RP** -Arcade Hecarim -Arctic Ops Varus -Bear Cavalry Sejuani -Mecha Kha'Zix -Mecha Malphite -Sad Robot Amumu -Soul Reaver Draven -Warring Kingdoms Xin Zhao **1820 RP** -Corporate Mundo (Legendary) Total = **30 Skins** **Ward Skins Loot** Sun Disc Ward Total = **1 Ward Skin** So, basically: 38% Champions 60% Skins 2% Ward Skins not even one Summoner Icon, Maybe is my bad luck, but i think that there's something wrong with it...

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