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Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet.
[Update] I think at the very least the first few days of release we could play in the "blind free mode". I believe finding out what a new champion does is beautiful and when you are forced to play "against / with" you lose that experience. I believe every summoner remembers your first day in LoL, this experience is incredible and in PBE you can have some of it but not in PvP. Or in the same way that we have the daily bonus of victory, we could have the option of "free choice of the day". ----------------------- [Old] Hello everyone I have been playing at PBE for many years, and I know how frustrating it is not being able to play with the champion who wants to why another player chose that champion first. On the live server we already played the "one for all" mode, it's a lot of fun and thinking of that I believe that to improve the tests in the PBE we could play freely with any champion, for example: Blue Team: {{champion:102}} + {{champion:102}} + {{champion:99}} + {{champion:99}} + {{champion:99}}                                       VS Team Red: {{champion:238}} + {{champion:238}} + {{champion:238}} + {{champion:99}}+ {{champion:99}} I know I would leave with a completely out of the META experience but I think the idea of PBE would be to play to know the news and report bugs, if only 1 player per game to play with Lux maybe the other players could not see the bugs. Okay, that's my idea. (en-translated)
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