PBE, the worst League experience?

Is it just me or are people on PBE servers a lot more toxic, troll more often and ragequit nearly every game, ever since I joined PBE servers I've been met with ragequitters, toxic people and trolls 99% of my games, I don't think I've ever had a game without at least one person ragequitting it(I'm not even counting bugsplats and similar, I'm talking good old fashioned alt f4), and now that One for all is here, that really becomes an even bigger issue since it's definitely the most toxic game mode so far and Riot's punishment system is like one of those valve security memes, it doesn't work as well as it should(very often it doesn't work at all) and there haven't been any improvements to it in years(at least not noticeable improvements), and honestly, how do such toxic people even get access to PBE?
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