Outplay potential in URF has been reduced to 0. It's literally just a champion select casino.

The only champions worth playing are champions who can kill someone in under 0.5 seconds (which is what the death recap is every time. usually somewhere around 0.1 seconds). I'm not sure what feels different this time. Maybe its the infinite TP that your team just feeds even faster than they used to in urf or maybe it's just the surplus of assasin buffs and new releases but it's literally not fun anymore to play anyone but an assassin or a perma cc champ. I'm definitely not purchasing the URF club when it comes out because it literally just isn't even fun anymore and I can't figure out what's different. I've literally been waiting every day for URF to come back and checked PBE daily prior to it's release to see when it would be coming but I'm not even excited for it to hit live at this point and I have no intention of purchasing the pass anymore :/ It's really a shame because this used to be the most exciting time of the year for everyone in the League community but it just feels stupid now.
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