Ezreal Update Bugs and a little Feedback! ✨

Hello! Long time Ezreal main here, noticed there wasn't a proper thread going on for Ezreal's update on the PBE so I thought I'd make one! Feel free to comment you own bugs and feedback if you'd rather not make your own. I'm super hyped for Ezreal's well deserved update and have been testing him out, here's a few things I found! {{champion:81}} _Bugs : _ **Passive** - Classic and most of his older skins are missing effects for stacks of Rising Spell Force. - Star Guardian and SSG Ezreal's Rising Spell Force effects appear at his feet rather than on his gauntlet. https://imgur.com/a/abww2Lu - Similar to the above bug but not 100% sure what's going on; Pulsefire Ezreal gets some particles at his feet when his ult hits enemy units. Passive effects work normally still including from hits with ult, but some glow also appears there. https://imgur.com/a/CBdb4W3 **Commands** - Pulsefire Ezreal's hair clips into his head at the start of his joke. https://imgur.com/a/yto13qI - Ezreal's joke voice line on skins other than Pulsefire likes to cut off, especially if used after another joke/taunt/ect command. And some feedback! ( Warning, some readers may find this disgustingly positive, sorry if that's not your style c: ) Overall, this is just amazing. Ezreal's got more animation in his perfectly soft hair than his old model had in everything combined. His gameplay feels so much like the Ezreal I remember, especially since the sound effects and visuals of his kit match his old one so well. His skins look absolutely wonderful, both splashes and models, and have a lot stronger themes in the older ones did (some of which were basically chromas). I love the little details like having voice lines for missing shots and walking in the river. It makes me so happy to see him no longer outdated and close to rivalling Rammus for total number of voice lines, and living up so much more to who he's always supposed to be in game. He's also amazingly expressive with his body and face, I was honestly blown away by just how agile and bouncy he is! Even his face is animated!!! Some of the best in-game animation work I've seen, we've really come so far from when he was released in 2010. I can't really express how happy this makes me, and I hope in the future some other champs will get this kind of treatment so they really fit with the quality of modern league in terms of visuals and audio while retaining gameplay patterns and most of their kit. If any of the Rioters who worked on him see this: THANK YOU SO MUCH! I LOVE HIM! _A couple of other suggestions : _ - Explorer Ezreal and TPA Ezreal hair colour in game is closer to his base than how they appear in their respective splashes. Would be cool if Explorer had a paler blonde and TPA was a bit more orange so they're more consistent with the splashes and more individual in game! - Would be really nice if some of his old skins had any changes to his particles? Even just recolours would add a little flare since only the newest ones he's got have changed more than just his outfit. Something like blue and white for Frosted Ezreal or Red for TPA? Stuff like that. - Really glad he kept his little cheek triangles! The markings on Striker and Arcade look great too, would love to see a few other skins get some. It's always stood out to me as a really Ezreal thing. Thanks for reading! I'm looking forward to when Ezreal arcane shifts onto live servers!
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