The New Jackpot Changes

"**Night and Dawn 2019 Jackpot description updated to note: "Open to reveal one skin shard of 975 or greater value. Jackpot drop rate increased from 4% to 8% compared to previous events. Gemstone and Mythic Skin permanent drop rates multiplied by 1.5**."" I believe this change isn't worth the 4% increase because as a person that buys these regularly this doesn't even feel worth. 1 jackpot in the old version gives you 5 skin shards. But now even if you do get at least twice as many jackpots and get like 4. You wouldn't even get the same value as the 1 since you would only get 4 skin shards. In my own personal experience the only reason I would buy these orbs Is to re roll these skin shards so the more skin shards the better, also the higher value skin shards have no worth since you might not even have the orange essence to even unlock the shard. All in all, these Jackpot changes should be more Quantity over Quality. Since there's is more cons outweighing all the pros. Hopefully riot see's this and cancel the change or just increase the jackpot chance if they are still doing with this change to 50% since so far of what I read seems just like a bonus orb, as the new jackpot. "rito pls" - A league addict (also hope a rioter can leave a response replying why they made this change, and their response to see if we can exchange ideas.)

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