Yuumi nerf?

{{champion:350}} is really weak at the moment, her W feels really clunky and bad. I can accept the 5 second cooldown after CC in exchange for a buff but not alongside the W channeling time too. She needs to be made stronger not more vulnerable. I never see her picked and the only time she is banned is by my team when I hover her, no one wants to play with her. She has such a bad reputation for being useless already, If she tries to use her new passive and gets caught out she is instantly dead, making her passive useless. She is too squishy and since players don't generally take flash on her she has no escape from cc at all now. All she can really do in early game is spam her abilities but the mana cost will make this hard too. Her only choice now is to AFK on her ADC and pray they don't misplay, because i'm sure that will be her fault as well.

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