Help to make Invasion Mode (Star guardian PvE Mode) come back again!

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Come on! We need to remember how good for a lot of us was this Game mode! We fell in love for music, Style, Gameplay, everything! The first time in LoL that we play a PvE and was amazing! We need to say to Rioters that we really love their work on this map! this game! We are really thankfully for play League of Legends on 2017! But... We want more memories, more good moments... And we want to new people fell in love with this map! We need to say to Riot that we really want it again!, They can make it happen! We just need to put our effort to say them that we want it! Come on! Show your motivation, show your love for new type of gamplay on LoL! Show your Support to the League of Legend team that mades this Version of Runaterra happens! We enjoy every minute of the music. Every minute of the panic moments Every kill, every death, every assist A lot of us wants to make this happen again! _Please Riot, We trust in you. We know that you can make this happen! We support your job!_ {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
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