Some thoughts on the changes.

So personally I've been playing for a little bit and so far. All I feel is: Even harder stomp or be stomped. Now this could be due to the amount of afkers. And people who leave games. And too many players not trying when this is suppose to be a play test of the new things that are coming. So heres some thoughts: 1) the nerfs to outter towers making them even easier to kill: Why is this even a thing? Once its 14 minutes your armour goes away leaving them defenceless and vulnerable. 0 armour and mr? How about not riot. Once the armour is gone, you should be getting all the armour each of the plates gives. Not go directly to 0. 5k hp goes away in about 10 autos from anything. 5 from a support and an adc. Truly amazingly awful. 2) Minion speed Seige minions etc: I actually loved this change, ~~makes the game no so prolonged with bad teammates and bming enemies that dont wanna end the damn game. ~~ haha I wish... I love the minion speed changes. But their attack speed needs to be HYPERACTIVE when in enemy turret range. 3) Demolish buff: Unless your going to make demolish take longer than when sion is in his death form. Demolish needs to be replaced with bone plating. (Should just be replaced with bone plating period unhealthy rune.) 4) Laning: This feels EVEN WORSE than the live game. If you have ANYTHING thats hardcore aggro and tankiness. You win the lane (especially botside) aka. Game over, they just got stupid amounts of gold from the armour plating and first blood turret. Making: {{champion:106}} HUGELY viable. {{champion:63}} AWFUL to play against, EVEN MORE so. {{champion:201}} + {{champion:236}} bot unstoppable if the enemy is actually good at the champions (makiong pro play wanting to ONLY pick these as S tier.) {{champion:59}} Possibly becoming a support {{champion:90}} a CRAZY good pick AGAIN. and the list goes on and on. This once again is due to turrets being EVEN WEAKER than live. That's quite pathetic.... EDIT: I think Armour and Magic resist need to be looked at with a fuill rework to the code. I had 61 armour and magic resist as J4 vs Ahri and Kai'Sa and guess what? I died in 1 charm q. HUMMMMMMMMMMM maybe take out all true damage from the gamer see where that goes. (More will be posted later. So far this season is JUST as terrible as Season 8. Maybe worse.)
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