[TFT Set 2] Blademasters

As someone that enjoys blademasters from set 1 a lot (even being the weakest class according to statistics) the new set made it feel even worse, not only there are less units to pick from and elemental synergies aren't great either. The core strengths of the class are single target dps and quick skill casting, unfortunately with the UI bug i can't be sure if Yasuo and Yi can generate mana while using their skills but assuming it works like Shen, then they can't make use of their own trait. With Shen and Fiora removed blademasters only have a defensive unit in Master Yi as a cost 5 unit, this pushes the class be paired with a class or element that compensates for the defense or use them as pawns and get the damage from something else, either case it isn't the class itself doing the job. Berserkers also make blademasters feel worse as they have better skills (with only Sion stopping to cast) and cleave, lower cost units, a full set of units, a free Glacial buff and also a spatula item, even the disadvantage of being melee is partially compensated with the initial frontal leap (that still needs some tuning for a feature that can't be turned off). Meanwhile, blademasters is that need either level 7 or a BoRK to get the silver buff and a second BoRK to reach gold buff, the live version also requires two BoRKs but provides defensive blademasters (that still have decent offensive power) to help stalling the game for more rounds and fight for bows and spatulas (being two items with considerable popularity). While the first set demanded a lot of commitment to get the gold buff it felt amazing when playing it, set 2 takes the same item requirements (being the major risk factor) for a considerably lower reward. Now, the units... {{champion:157}} **Yasuo** Set 1 Yasuo was broken and shouldn't be back but what set 2 offers is just... unsatisfying. The ability to ditch skills quickly and stack mana back is what makes blademasters fun, having Yasuo locked down in air instead of hitting regularly is the opposite of what the class wants (in Fiora's case the invincibility and stun compensate for it). From the tests i managed to run it doesn't seem like the skill generates mana, triggers statik shiv (which can be a bug) or applies the class trait (which can be an overkill depending on how Yasuo level and buff tier, as the 3* average is 18 hits in 1s). What makes this skill truly unreliable is how it often targets a different enemy and can lead to the current target to survive due it, it can also lead Yasuo to dive the enemy team and get aggro or even have him to walk back to the previous target once the skill is finished. As a side effect, the skill doesn't make Yasuo feel like a wind champion (but that's petty). The best thing Yasuo has to offer is the flexibility with the new blademaster buff minimum being 2 units and how it can pair with janna to trigger the wind element, this gives him some extra flexibility to be on other comps but doesn't make the unit itself desirable (like Camile). Giving it some extra damage for skill hits can also help but won't change the fact the skill itself doesn't feel satisfying, the fact he teleports and just hit people puts it in the 'invisible' group (even worse as he can get out screen), personally i'd suggest to either make him not teleport and just get him to wind slash a single enemy from distance (allowing him to keep attacking where he is and be better as a blademaster) or allow him to generate mana per hit (assuming the trait isn't applied). A crazier approach is to change his skill to target the farthest enemy and give him full mana at start of each round, turning him into a pseudo-assassin, this one can give the class more options if more melee blademasters are added. {{champion:266}} **Aatrox** Despite being the same he lost a bit of power by losing the demon trait (as his power lies in the skill), the light element isn't bad but can also not be triggered as it relies on a champion to die and that can be him since he's the squishiest melee in the group. There's no real issue with him, though his skill VFX aren't as visible as in the set 1. {{champion:15}} **Sivir** This is the blademaster that was missing in set 1 to make a full set consistent and it's great to have her in set 2, the only issue here is that the bounce distance isn't informed which i assume is 2 cells radius past the unit (not scaling with her level), it's quite interesting that her power decreases in proportion to the round duration. Despite being a great skill the range limit is a huge barrier for her as the new board size can get her to waste her skill completely, setting it to a 3 cells radius should be enough to keep her consistent. The only reason i bring this up is because she can act as the disabler within blademasters replacing graves while being way healthier, this is important as it can be the only way for the class to be somehow independent when using specific items, though it'd see it reasonable not do it to avoid her being a strong denier which in this case it's better to keep her ability consistent in range over on-hit effects. {{champion:11}} **Master Yi** As a cost 5 it can be quite bothersome to get him but it's even worse when his skill is meditate, the only defensive skill within blademasters. It's completely anti-climatic to get him when any of the other 5 costs has either some huge impact skill or, in Singed's case, an unique quirk with considerable value. It would be great to have him as a cost 1-3 unit even if the skill were to be downgraded into heal with invincibility only (weren't we going to avoid overloading skills?), of course this means another unit has to take its spot and he may have to give away his mystic trait but that's a better trade-off for blademasters early game, allowing it to be more independent. -------------------------------------------- The best thing that could be done to improve blademasters is add shen back (perhaps as poison with yellow jacket) as he was a vital unit to keep the team alive (and also reduces the BoRK cost for gold), yet i'm aware he provided a lot of early free power and that might not be wanted which in this case any other unit with some defensive skill early game can do it. I'd expect other blademasters to be added later on but as a player that really enjoys using the class it just feels terrible to build around it in set 2 and it won't be fun to wait until a new unit is released (at who know when), well... that's all i got for now.
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