Get ready for ARURF+: coming to patch 9.2

Hello my friends, this is Riot Wrekz from the Modes team. In 2018, you blitzed Nexuses, stood resolute through the tribulations of Ranked, and ventured among the stars with Odyssey: Extraction. But that isn’t all we have for you. Now, new ARURF+ is here! Soon the familiar shine of golden spatulas, thundering of miniguns, and inherent oddness of manatees on land will return as part of the Lunar Revel celebration. This time your favorite ultra rapid chaos-fest will have a collection of art and gameplay updates to take your experience to new heights. You’ll see new ornate marble and gold URF towers, a part-Elder Dragon part-spatula hybrid monster, and a shiny new Champion Cannon by each fountain, just to name a few of the changes. Continue reading for the full set of gameplay changes below! Marquee Gameplay Changes: Reroll Bench - We’ve brought ARAM’s reroll bench to ARURF+. When you use a reroll, the champion you previously had will be sent to the bench and be selectable by any of your teammates, giving everyone more flexibility in what champion they choose to play. Champion Cannon - Just outside each fountain is a champion cannon that you can jump in and use to launch yourself great distances across the map. The cannon can help you get to the action in an instant, but aim carefully—enemies will get a warning that you’re dropping in! Epic Monsters - Baron now spawns at 10 minutes and grants both Baron buff AND Rift Herald when slain. Elemental Dragons have been replaced with a special URF’d Elder Dragon (who spawns at 6 minutes), and grants Elder buff as well as a stack of every single elemental dragon’s buff when defeated. Better Cooperative Laning - When minions die you get a chunk of gold whether you last hit them or not. Now you’ll be able to buy items and have fun even when your lane partner has much more waveclear, or when you both go for that minion kill and no one gets it. Golden Spatula Club (1250 RP) - This is a new club membership that lasts for the duration of the event. Joining grants you: 1 random individual skin boost every game 1 additional reroll each game (max allowed is still 2) 3 new randomized champion finishers (The more people on your team that are members, the fancier your finishers will be!) Special minion taunts Other Improvements: Outlier Champion Balance - We’ve made balance changes to the top 10 most powerful and least powerful champions from the last run of ARURF to try to rein in the outliers a bit. Nerfs: Sona - HP 480 -> 460, HP Lvl 77 -> 50, Damage - 10% Karthus - HP 528 -> 450, HP Lvl 87 -> 65, Damage -15% Wukong - AD Lvl 4 -> 3, Base AD 68 -> 63, HP Lvl 85 -> 70, Damage - 10% Rumble - HP Lvl 85 -> 65, HP 589 -> 550, Damage - 10% Ryze - Damage - 10% Jax - HP 592 -> 550, HP Lvl 85 -> 60 Fiora - HP Lvl 85 -> 60, AS Lvl 3.2 -> 2.5 Zed - HP 582 -> 550, HP Lvl 85 -> 60, Damage - 10% Buffs: Aatrox - Deals 10% more damage, Takes 10% less damage Tahm Kench - MS 335 -> 340, HP 538 -> 600, HP/Lvl 102 -> 120, Damage +20% Kalista - AD/lvl 3.6 -> 7, Damage +20% Rek'Sai - Health 570->600, HPLvl 85->100, ADLvl 3.35->4.5, Arm 33->38, ASLvl 2->3 Katarina - HPlvl 92->105, MS 340->345 Ornn - Health 565->600, HPLvl 95-105, MS 335->340, Deals 10% more damage, Takes 10% less damage Evelynn - MS 335->345, Damage +10% Zac - HP/lvl 95->105, Arm 33->38, Arm/lvl 3.5->4.5. MRlvl 1.25->1.75 No Champions Disabled - Sona, Ryze, Karthus, and Teemo are all playable! (We’ll be keeping an eye on them as well while ARURF+ is enabled). Early Surrender - When you end up in those truly hopeless games, you can now unanimously surrender at 8 minutes, or normal surrender at 10 minutes. Early Homeguard - Homeguard is enabled from the start of the match. Bonus Tower Damage - Rip down enemy structures a bit faster with our newest tweak to URF’s Awesome Buff of Awesomeness. Removed Teleport - Since other things like homeguard and the cannon make map movement much easier, we’ve disabled teleport to help everyone focus on combat-oriented Summoner Spells. Runes Balance for URF: Dark Harvest Cooldown 45->12 Electrocute Cooldown 25->10 Predator Cooldown 150->80 Cooldown Minimum 100->50 Ghost Poro Cooldown 60->25 Taste of Blood Cooldown 20->10 Klepto Buffed probabilities commensurate with game speed increase Magical Footwear Boots granted at 6 minutes instead of 10 minutes Biscuit Delivery Biscuit Minute Interval 3min->1.5min Minion Dematerializer Initial Cooldown 4 minutes -> 2 minutes Perfect Timing Initial Cooldown 10 minutes -> 4 minutes Presence of Mind Ult CD Reduction 10%->6% Aftershock Cooldown 35->15 Grasp of the Undying Triggered attack bonus health increased to 15 from 5. Ranged champions triggered attack bonus health increased to 9 from 3. Demolish Cooldown 45->30 Conditioning Begins at 6 minutes instead of 10 minutes Phase Rush Cooldown 15->10 Nimbus Cloak Cooldown 60->30 Nullifying Orb Cooldown 60->30 Gathering Storm You get stats every 4.5 minutes instead of every 10 minutes Come play with us on PBE and let us know what you think of the changes! We look forward to enjoying it with you. Happy Lunar Revel! Edit: Balance changes added for Aatrox and Ornn. Edit: Made a number of runes changes the other day, added them. Edit: Removed the armor per level nerf from Sona
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