The Rengar Health Bar Bug, And Also Suggestion To Make Video Quality More Laptop Friendly

The Rengar health bar bug is just way too unbearable in my view. We saw that with the health increases every level, and the upgrade of the W, the health bar is getting bigger and bigger. Especially with the new Mecha Rengar skin. I think that it would be better off, if we can be able to switch the health bar back to before. Otherwise, I think it’s fine since the health bar had removed the bounty symbol. However, I feared that it would give the people with bounty to survive more easily in team fight because the enemy team wouldn’t target them at first second. Also, I need to point out that the new patch required around two games in order to run smoothly. On lower capacities laptop, it would absolutely be slow even on the Medium high screen quality. Even on Low video quality, when in team fight or have more than 3 skills consecutively executed, we would saw an immediate pause and after about 5 secs you would be dead.
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