PBE, wtf ?

Mmmmh.... Few things are wrongs in PBE right now. Urf is back, some champs seems to have problems (I mean, i send a bug report for Soraka's Q in URF last time that URF was back, few months ago, problem seems to be still here).

Plus, with URF back, so are the trolls and all. Why people can't understand that PBE is for testing and URF for fun. Each games, someone left cuz he thinks it's lost ! Or he flames... Even if they're ban, they can still come back with another account. I do believe it's too easy to integrate PBE. Everyone can be mad in a game, but flaming ALL the game and leaving, it's too much and it happens way to much times.

By the way, is there some announcement when the PBE start performing maintenance ? Cuz being disconnected in the middle of a game.... I don't know if maintenance are planned but well... I don't know, i hate that :(.
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