I beg of you, don't make Poro King random

Please for the love of god. For me, this gamemode has always been the best in the manner that it was like normals, but without having to cope up with the ganks, farming and laning bullshit that sometimes feel so long and boring, Poro King was pick and go into instant nonstop action. Yeah sure you can say we have tryhards that will just play op champions in howling abyss but that's why we also had bans, and even then I'd rather have that than random champ select, even in your "Poro King returns" notice you do not mention ANYWHERE that it's becoming random, why? Have you even forgotten that it's not because it happens on same map as ARAM? Please don't do this. It's a gamemode that unites both normal and ARAM players. You gave us what we wanted with non-random URF and people were happy. Don't ruin another gamemode with gacha champ select, it doesn't feel like Poro King anymore, just a weird ass ARAM.
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